The Stem Cell Transplant Process for Kidney Transplant Recipients

The stem cell transplant process is designed to enable kidney transplant recipients to stop taking all immunosuppressive medications. Here’s the process kidney transplant patients can expect to undergo.

Recipient Timeline

  • 1
    Kidney TransplantFrom a Living Donor
    • Must be an excellent match. If you are unsure if your match qualifies, talk to your transplant nephrologist.
  • 2
    Post-TransplantAt Least 90 Days
    • Admission to the hospital to begin the stem cell infusion procedure
  • 3
    Conditioning Protocol
    • Preparing your body for stem cell infusion
  • 4
    Stem Cell Infusion
  • 5
    Post-Infusion3–5 Days
    • Additional treatments to aid in engraftment and prevent infection
  • 6
    20–30 Days
    • Daily monitoring, either inpatient or by living near the transplant center, depending on the center’s program
  • 7
    180 Days
    • Begin reducing immunosuppressants
  • 8
    1 Year
    • Goal is to be completely off ALL immunosuppressant meds